Regular Massage
Why Include Regular Massage as Part of Your 2018 Routine?

Do you want to take extra care of yourself this 2018? Is self-care your newest priority this year?

Massage is a great addition to your pro-active preventative medicine plan just like healthy eating and exercise.

Below are the five of the really great reasons why you might want to add regular massage to your 2018’s wellness routine:

Reduce Stress

Every single year, people are spending thousands of their hard earned money and precious time trying to find relief from their different illnesses. What they fail to realize is that most of these are actually stress related, such as heart disease, depression, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and even cancer. Including regular massage to your existing healthcare regime is proven to be of great help in stress reduction which can then reduce the risks of these illnesses.

Doctors acknowledge the benefits and usually suggest regular massage to patients to reduce stress. There are some studies which also measured the amount of stress hormone known as cortisol, and discovered that massage can dramatically decrease the levels of cortisol. Cortisol is created every time you feel stressed out, and this can kill important cells required for immunity. If massage can reduce your body’s cortisol and stress levels, it can also save you from getting sick.

Chronic Illness Relief

Massage is found to help relieve symptoms of different chronic illnesses and diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

  • Eases pain – People who get a massage claim that they have lesser pain related to treatments, pain as the result of muscle tension, and pain as a whole.
  • Reduces anxiety – Massage can also ease anxiety prior to and during uncomfortable procedures. There are some people who schedule a massage a day before chemotherapy infusion or any procedure since it makes them feel calmer.
  • Nausea control – It has been shown that gentle touch massage can reduce nausea in those patients who are undergoing bone marrow transplant.
  • Eases fatigue and improves sleep – Massage can ease fatigue and enhance energy levels that allows increased activity which usually promotes better quality of sleep.
  • Depression relief – It has been shown in research that massage can help in depression relief in cancer patients.

Stronger Immune System

A good massage can boost the immune system through stimulating the natural killer cells. With therapeutic massage decreasing cortisol which destroys the natural killer cells, the immune system experiences a boost. Increased amount of white blood cells and a natural killer cell activity can prepare your body better in fighting off potentially invading cells. A good massage can also boost immunity in people with immune systems who have been severely compromised like cancer patients.

Injury Relief

If you are recovering from a surgery, or a weekend warrior, regular massage will be able to help you in getting back on your feet faster. Massage can improve blood circulation. If your blood circulation is more efficient, oxygen as well as other nutrients will be distributed better all over your body. This can help repair tissues and hasten the process of recovery.