Why is Facial Treatment Important for Men?

You might consider getting facial treatment as something a bit fussy for your manly skin. The cucumber water, soothing music, and spa slippers might not be appealing to you, and there’s nothing to worry about that. But, did you know that facial treatment is as necessary as tuning your car? And Calm Home Spa can do it better than others!

The sun or your shave routine can cause skin damage that cannot be fixed with water and soap you use daily. The redness fades, yet the underlying issues don’t. As a matter of fact, more than women, men need facials due to increased sun damage, bigger pores, and coarser skin. Considering these following reasons facial treatment is essential for all men out there:

You Will Get Smoother Shave

You Will Get Smoother Shave

Regardless if it is every 2 weeks or every day, the regular dragging of a razor across the sensitive facial skin may cause irritation. Inflammation, razor burn, and irritation due to shaving over the pimples are the common shaving consequences. Facial treatment will deep clean the bumps as well as soothe irritated skin. The combination of essential oils, exfoliation, moisturisers, and masks that facial treatment professional usually applies would address the side effects of shaving and would make your skin much smoother. Your shave will be less painful and better if your skin is smoother. Although you are not worried about your wrinkles, it’s one of the reasons to slap on moisturiser twice or once a day.

Men Produce More Oil Than Women

men produce more oil than women

Generally, men have high testosterone levels compared to women that helps explain the reason why men produce a lot of oil than women. Once not properly cleaned, oil would clog the pores and could result in blackheads that may result in pimples. Majority of facial treatment experts would perform extractions during facial, which is the precise oil and dirt removal that is clogging pores. Although you can do this on your own, it is always wise to hire professionals to achieve clear skin.

men facial massage

Even if men produce oil greater than women, it does not mean that every man has oily skin. Part of the reason why men facial massage in Brimbank is very useful is that facial treatment experts are knowledgeable of the different types of skin and the right procedure for it. For those who have dry skin, you will need facial that would leave your skin moisturised and hydrated. If your skin is oily, you’ll require facial that reduces your shine, exfoliates your skin, and shrinks your pores.

Facial Treatment Pros Can Give You More Information about Skin Care for Men

Facial treatment experts use more effective and better products that are not sold over the counter. These pros can show you the new methods on the ways to apply products, the order to utilise them, and explain the reasons why. Chances are, you will be relaxed, and if you like to check out, it is fine. However, you may use this chance to ask some questions like what things will be applied to your face and how beneficial the product is for your facial skin. Facial treatment pros also use quality steamers to open pores.

Professionally administered facial treatment is now a must for men to look their best. Facial treatment is also an important source of relaxation and stress relief. So, make sure to contact Calm Home Spa for your facial treatment needs.

Why is Facial Treatment for Men Becoming Popular?

facial treatment for men becoming popular

Good Skin is a Trend

good skin is a trend

If you want a blemish-free and clear complexion that is exclusive to women nowadays, Calm Home Spa offers the best facial treatment ideal for men.

With their facial treatment services, you will be able to avoid razor burn and provide you relief from clogged pores, sun damage, skin pigmentation, dullness, sweating, and acne. The right treatments are necessary to improve your complexion. Pore-opening methods including facial masks, facial scrubs, facial cleansers, and vapour steam are imperative in smoothening out your skin.

Regular facial treatments are necessary for you to enjoy long-term results. If this sounds like a bit too much, expect that Calm Home Spa will give you the results that will make you enjoy facial treatment over and over again.

Give Yourself a Treat

give yourself a treat

Facial treatment is an excellent excuse when spoiling yourself a bit. From the soothing eye pads to the relaxing shoulder, neck, and head massages, the skin care treatments are made for more than just vanity. Regardless of the kind of service you pick, there’s an element of pampering created to help revitalise and recharge you in a few days ahead. At Calm Home Spa, facial treatment is personalised to your particular needs and can be used for clearing clogged sinuses and treating headaches.

Discover how facial treatment can make a difference to men’s facial needs and book an appointment at Calm Home Spa!