Remedial Massage Session
Why Should Facial Massage Be Included in a Remedial Massage Session?

When it comes to opting for remedial massage, you must choose one that is holistic. In other words, you must opt for a remedial massage that will include not only a full body massage but a facial massage as well. This is because you cannot undermine the importance of facial massage. Now the question here is why is it so? Why is it that facial massage has to be included in remedial massage? That’s because facial massage is important in the following ways.

It Prevents Wrinkles and Anti-aging

Age and times take their toll on your looks. The face takes the first brunt of aging, because of the sensitivity of the screen. Now during the quality facial massage in Footscray, the experts would use a certain amount of pressure and follow specific techniques, which will help to keep wrinkles and aging at bay. It will improve the flow of blood, and thus keep the skin soft, fresh, and wrinkle-free.

It Helps to Keep Sinusitis Away

As long as it is not an acute stage of sinusitis, facial massage goes a long way to relieve sinus pressure. Thus, you need to add facials in your overall massage therapy if you have chronic, b not acute sinus related issues. The massage will help you get rid of sinus pressure, congestion, and related discomfort. It will help you to have easy and unrestricted breathing.

Facial massage, particularly those including sinus massage helps in the drainage of mucus, alleviation of headache, besides augmenting blood circulation. Thus, if you have sinus, facial massage has to be an essential part of your remedial massage session in Footscray or anywhere else.

Reduction of Acne

One of the main reasons for acne in the face is the poor and inadequate circulation of blood. Thus, when you stimulate the skin of your face through some facial massage, it will promote blood circulation and help reduce acne. Well, at times olive oil is used for facial massage and people say that it helps greatly in the reduction of acne, but results vary depending upon the skin type and the severity of the issue.

Reduction of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Conditions

People who suffer from Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) conditions may from time to time suffer from a wide range of discomfort in their face or jaw. This may include pain in the ear, moderate to severe headache, and even lockjaw. Effective facial massage will help in the alleviation of all these conditions, thus ensuring that your remedial massage session turns out to be fully fruitful.

It Will Rejuvenate Scar Tissues

Facial massage helps rejuvenate scar tissues. When massage is applied to the scar tissues and the surrounding areas, it will help increase the blood flow, and loosening of the nearby tissues, and flatten the bumps.

It will also help to get rid of pain, stiffness, itchiness, and even tenderness. Research has indeed revealed that effective facial massage helps in the reduction of itchy skin and helps in improving appearance by making the facial skin livelier. It also helps to get rid of scars resulting from sunburn.

Therefore you see when facial massage is an inseparable part of Thai massage in Footscray. That is why you must ensure you get a name that offers facial massage an inseparable part of full body Thai massage. Where else can you go than Calm Home Spa? Call us at 0414 057 272 for booking an appointment.