Why Thai? – Indulge in Thai Massage Near Werribee

Thai massage near Werribee is the best Thai massage that you can never find elsewhere. Our massage is the combination of stretching and oil traditional Thai massage. In case you don’t know it yet, we offer Thai massage at Calm Home Spa not just near Werribee but also near Sunshine North, Caroline Spring, New Port, and Yarraville.

How Thai Massage Benefits Your Health


Thai massage is an ancient technique where a therapist especially trained in this art will stretch your body with the use of assisted yoga poses. This type of massages focuses on the sen or energy points. As your massage therapist stretches your body, she will also massage and press along your sen lines.

Thai Massage to Help Improve Circulation


Thai massage technique works in the same way to regular poses of yoga. While you are holding a pose, your blood will then slow to the targeted areas. Once you release the pose, the circulation will flow back to the area. Several positions are involved here such as the spinal twist, shoulder stand, and plough which are specifically effective when it comes to circulation. The inverted poses can also assist lymphatic drainage.

Thai Massage for Better Muscular Tension


To release some tension in your muscles, your Thai therapist will press hands, thumbs, fingers, knuckles, and feet into specific areas while she holds you in a stretch. It can help relieve areas of tension and stress. Techniques involved here include soft tissue manipulation, tissue compression, and acupressure.

Stress Relief Thanks to Thai Massage


Massage therapy and yoga have both been listed as forms of alternative approaches when it comes to mental healthcare. Through manipulation of your muscles during Thai massage, you can release your mental and emotional stress. Thai massage also includes meditation that can help you in better stress management and ultimate relaxation.

Boost Your Immune System with Thai Massage


An improved immune system is regarded as among the top benefits you can enjoy when you get a Thai massage. With the use of massage to invigorate your nervous system and relax toxins through improved circulation, you will be able to improve your immunity to different diseases. Devotees and fans of yoga also believe that you can improve the immunity of your body when you practice yoga poses which then leads to longevity.

Thai massage can also be a suitable option if ever you are not that comfortable with the thought of being nude or just partially dressed just as the case in other forms of massage. With this kind of massage, you will remain dressed and the appropriate oil will be applied. This form of therapy may last an hour or two.

Thai massage can definitely make you feel better and help free you from the pains and aches you have been experiencing. We offer quality Thai massage that combines stretching and oil traditional Thai massage to ensure that you will get the best results you need and deserve. Book your appointment with us today!