Women and Men Facial at Calm Home Spa

Both women and men need a good facial. Your face is the first thing other people see. This is pretty much similar to a calling card for your overall appearance. Visiting your esthetician to get regular facials to take care of your skin will not only boost your appearance. At the same time, it is also a way to protect your health in general and prevent more serious concerns in the future.

Estheticians are licensed and expert skin care professionals whose specialty is improving their clients’ skin condition. There are many benefits associated with a professional facial. These include appropriate skincare advice, preventive care, and very relaxing experience.

Below are some other good reasons for men and women to indulge in an expert facial procedure.

Better Health


The skin is the body’s largest organ of eliminating. This acts as a barrier, houses your organs, and protects you from the different elements. You can improve not only your appearance but also your overall health when you take extra care of your skin. Estheticians offer a very crucial service in making you aware beforehand of possible serious skin issues and teaching you of proper preventive care.



As you age, your skin starts to show wear and tear through wrinkles, spotting, and sagging. This is also the time when the structure of your skin loses collagen. A professional esthetician will help you prevent aging signs and boost the tone and elasticity of your skin with no need to resort to surgery.

Avoid More Serious Skin Issues


An esthetician has been trained to identify serious skin concerns that need to be referred to a dermatologist. When you visit a professional on a regular basis, she will be able to alert you about changes in your moles or any suspicious spots that need a medical professional’s intervention. An experienced esthetician will be able to help you with skin issues before they turn into a serious problem that will require an invasive procedure. If you ever need surgery, your esthetician can also help you prep your skin and treat it after the surgery.

Use of Products That Suit Your Skin Type


Your esthetician will evaluate your skin and identify the products that will best suit your specific skin type and tailor a facial according to your unique needs. She will also tell you of the kind of products that don’t suit your skin type and what you should avoid during home care in between your spa visits.

Gone are the days when women are the only ones who benefit from facials done by skincare experts. More and more men are now becoming aware of the amazing benefits of taking extra care of their skin. Teenagers can also experience acne relief through regular visits with an esthetician.

Your skin is one of your best assets that you should never ignore or take for granted. Women and men alike should take proper care of their skin not only for aesthetic purposes but more importantly, for the preservation of better health.

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